Visitor management for the modern front desk

Checkin helps you handle everything that comes through your front door by creating a safe and efficient work environment.

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Add a little wow to the workday

Upgrade from the predictable paper and pen and go digital—with sleek tablet sign-in that modernizes your front desk.

Centralize your guest registrations with CheckIn

Visitor logs can be tracked by a dashboard panel provided to the subscribed authorities for better analysis
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Get rid of the paper work, secure your records

Maintaining records and details are extremely important when it comes to security at a workplace.
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Providing you data that helps you make the right business decisions

We provide you data like, peak time visits, department daily visits, weekly visits, number of employee visits and the list goes on.
We believe this information helps companies make business decisions to grow revenue.

Less talk, we'd rather show you!

Don’t worry about setup fees. Just send us an email and we will provide you with a piece of our software for test drive!
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How much will checkIn cost your business?

We have packages for small startups, medium size businesses and corporations.

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